Is there time to consider alternatives to NAMA?

The full story (part 1)

The full story (part 2)

The full story (part 3)

The full story (part 4)

The full story (part 5)

  1. Mark Keogh
    November 4, 2009 at 2:58 am

    Great work Peter, tonnes of people know that you are one of the few willing to stand. I found myself talking to another group about critical mass, anchoring and suggestibility today I realised that there is a Al Gore moment here.

    Can you make a 5 minute viral video (your series is a layer cake when most can only handle an eclair), you have the charts and stats. Only a few graphics and street-life footage is needed. Perhaps the Leviathan mailing list or will turn up someone with the skills, passion and voluntry conscience for the task.

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